With years of experience producing in the US and Asia, I’m now accepting new artists and clients looking to create alternative and pop music with electronic influences. See below for style references.

Ableton Live is an elite music creation and performance tool used by artists around the world like Daft Punk, Gotye and M83. In 2013, I became one of four Ableton Certified Trainers in Asia. See below for training enquiries.


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Say It Again
The Weathering

Nov 2015
The Weathering’s follow-up EP to The Sea Cares for Its Own. Co-writer on all songs, co-production, arrangements, vocals, piano, guitar, programming.
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Renew Worship

March 2015
Number one album on HK iTunes charts! Worked with our church band and Trevor Michael from the UK to produce 10 original worship songs recorded in October 2014.
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The Sea Cares for It’s Own
The Weathering

Feb 2013
Debut collab project from Leora Caylor and me. Co-writer on all songs, co-production, arrangements, vocals, piano, guitar, programming.
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Kimman Wong

March 2016
I arranged and produced this track for Kimman Wong which is currently the theme song for a television program on ViuTV called 瑪嘉烈與大衛系列 綠豆.
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What Birds Dream
Jeff Caylor

May 2009
Sophomore independent follow-up to Okay.
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Jeff Caylor

July 2007
This debut, independent, self-produced project received recognition as the 5th best album of 2007 according to Christianity Today magazine.
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Renew Worship

Dec 2016
This Christmas EP spent a few days at the top of the Hong Kong iTunes album Chart and is our second worship project under the moniker Renew Worship.
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Changing Everything: What Birds Dream Remixed
Jeff Caylor & Gavin Harrison

May 2009
These remixes from my What Birds Dream album were produced by Gavin Harrison, a friend from the UK whom I’ve never met in person.
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The Emancipated
Renew Worship

April 2010
I lead worship at Island ECC. This was our first album of original songs as a church. 6 live songs and 6 chill remixes of those songs. songwriter, co-production, arrangements, vocals, piano, programming.
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As a producer, I’ve been involved in various aspects of the music industry in Hong Kong for nearly 7 years. In addition to performing live and releasing several original projects that have gained airplay on Hong Kong radio and television, I’ve contributed vocals for multiple commercial projects and assisted others with arranging and production on their own creative projects.

Feel free to check out more production samples below and contact me here for assistance on your project.



In the expanding landscape of modern music production, artists and audiences alike expect more in a live music environment. Artists with expertise in Ableton Live now have unprecedented power and flexibility on stage. They can execute complex and fluid live performances, while retaining the valuable ability to improvise that Ableton Live provides. Whether you are simply looking to add lush support tracks that enhance the sound of your live shows and faithfully reproduce your studio recordings or you want to control lockstep lighting cues from the stage, Ableton Live is the tool you need.

In 2013, I successfully completed the Ableton Certified Trainer intake to become one of 4 people in Asia officially authorised by Ableton to train others on their software.

My main areas of expertise with regard to using Ableton Live include exploiting the software’s uses in a live scenario including running back-up tracks for performers and worship leaders, software instrument manipulation, controlling DMX lighting, and wifi midi applications like iPad chord chart control and lyrics presentation.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming classes in Hong Kong but feel free to contact me if you’d like to do some private training in person or via Skype. Whether you’re a beginner with little to no knowledge of music or you’re a music professional looking to expand your working knowledge of Ableton Live, I’d love to connect with you and see how I can help. Get in touch here.


In late 2007, Christianity Today recognised Jeff Caylor’s debut recording Okay as the 5th best album of the year. He went on to produce two more solo projects, before collaborating with his wife Leora Caylor to form the dream pop duo, The Weathering. Their first album, The Sea Cares for Its Own was released in 2013 to critical acclaim. Besides catchy, original songs with tight vocal harmonies, live performances from The Weathering feature impressive electronic orchestrations, improvisational live looping, and automated light shows – all controlled from an on-stage laptop.

A music technology fanatic and Ableton Certified Trainer, Jeff also currently serves as Music Director for Island ECC, an English-speaking church in Hong Kong.


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